Creating Your Authentic & Empowered Professional Brand

empowers you to ...

  • ....project & represent your accomplishments to key audiences - from a position of empowerment

  • ... speak to your values so that organizations will want you to work for them or with them

  • ...shed your mid-career lull and propel you to pursue the career that fuels your purpose & passion

  • ... own the confidence to leave a stagnant or toxic work environment and start afresh with renewed personal & professional empowerment

  • the pathway for you to become recognized as an authority in your field

  • .......with the courage to finally start your own business or passion project

  • ... remind yourself of the value you have been bringing to the professional table

  • ...define the lens through which others view you

  • ...create the doors to access fulfilling, inspired, rewarding career opportunities that reflect your accomplishments

  • ...define the winning product - and that's you.

What is an Empowered Mindset?

Are you ready to make a shift?

If you are wondering what it means to have an authentic & empowered professional brand, you are in the right place. Your empowered professional brand has nothing to do with the organization your work for OR your title - Your empowered professional brand is your calling card, at your service, serving to promote you without you saying a word - and organizations that speak to your value will want you to work for them. Over the years I have worked with a number of women who are in a mid-career lull or who are looking to pursue a career shift - and in the process of creating and building their authentic & empowered professional brand they followed 3 key steps: They have established their accomplishments from a position of power. They know their audience. And they amplified their authentic & empowered professional brand by creating a searchable online presence. As will you!

How is the course structured?

see Course Curriculum below

This course is divided into 3 primary modules each of which has 5 action-drive steps, including a checklist. Each module comes with an introductory video, an overview workbook, a flowchart of the actions, and also editable workbooks for each action. There is also a bonus section designed to amplify and further promote your professional brand. I include some professional banners that you can download and a mini-resume template, empowered script booklets, & calendars in the bonus section. The modules should be followed in order because they are designed to build on the actions you are taking. 

What makes THIS course Powerful & Effective?

Logic, Research-Backed, Global Perspective - & Your Instructor's Experience in all 3 categories


Lori: Event Planner - Collaborative, Creative, Compassionate

I was looking for a quick and effective way to brand myself, create a positive and professional social media presence, and give myself some clear, achievable and defined direction- Dr. Nazli Hardy with Women Empowered! more than delivered. She supported and steered my creation of professional social media accounts, a current and influential resume, and guided me through a healthy goal setting, and professional reboot process. Nazli took the time to understand who I am as a person, a middle-aged professional, a wife, mother, and a creative-minded individual seeking personal challenge and fulfillment. Moreover, she gave me a sense of confidence that I had lacked for some time. I wholeheartedly recommend Women Empowered! and Nazli, as a success coach & mentor!

Claudette: Leader in Education - Empowering Educators & Students

I’ve been a high school teacher for 20 years and I’m ready for a career change. I had no idea why I would need to be branded or what it even meant. Nazli helped me to see myself as more than “just a teacher” who hasn’t worked in the technological world for 20 years. She framed questions that helped me to discover my own talents and all of the positives I can bring to any new job experience. Along the way she gave me the confidence, I needed to go after my dreams for my future professional life. My LinkedIn views have gone up 400% (in 1 month) since Nazli helped me to brand myself in the best way possible. If you are feeling unsure of yourself, you need Women Empowered and the insights it can give to you.

Course Curriculum